Welcome to Coursenova!

Hi everyone,

Eric and I started Coursenova last year to increase access to higher education, and we’ve been getting closer and closer to that goal with each passing day. While we’re still putting the finishing touches on our web application, we hope to launch publicly in a few months so you can start taking classes with us this summer!

Here’s how it works. Colleges will be able to use our online platform to post courses available for open enrollment to the public. Then, by logging on to coursenova.com, anyone can search and apply for a posted course at a college near them (while we’ll be launching exclusively in the Philadelphia area, we hope to eventually expand to the rest of the country). Once accepted into a course, students will be treated as if they’re actually enrolled at that school, attending lectures, completing homework assignments, and taking exams.

Anyone can take our classes and, more importantly, anyone can benefit from our classes. Whether you’re a high schooler looking for exposure to college coursework, a college student who wants to catch up on credits during the summer, or an adult learner looking to gain new skills, we hope Coursenova can help you get one step closer to achieving your goals.


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